село Мийковци, Еленски балкан

Miykovtsi village, Elena Balkans

In the Balkan region of Elena there are many hamlets spread throughout. One of the most fascinating ones comprises the village of Miykovtsi. The village consists of 2 smaller villages and 4 hamlets – the villages of Miykovtsi and Ignatovci and the hamlets of Gorni Tanchevci, Tupuzi, Visokovci, Ralinovci. Later on 2 more hamlets have been included – Atlarci and Duhlevci. Duhlevci has now become a part of Miykovtsi and Atlarci has been depopulated and thus no longer exists. The whole village is situated in a beautiful valley at the foot of mount Chumerna (1536m).

The village is surrounded by smaller and bigger hills. Here lies the collective basin of multiple smaller streams that have sprung from the heart of the Balkan. The region has a specific climate, influenced by the White Sea, and creates the perfect athmosphere for a holiday in the mountain: sunny, cool summer and mild winter with lots of snowy days. In the summer, the rivers around the village are perfect for swimming and the surroundings offer great places for camping. The hills around the village not only offer an amazing view but also protect the area from unfavorable athmospheric conditions. The road between Elena and Miykovtsi is passable during the whole year.

The region of Miykovtsi offers a variety of opportunities for tourists – one day hikes or visits to picturesque places. Here are some of the activities you can be involved in during your stay in Kandaferi guest houses:

  • Hiking
  • Sunbathing by the river
  • Barbecue by the river
  • Fishing
  • Mountain biking
  • Collection of herbs or mushrooms
  • Night hikes
  • Winter sports