Христовски водопад

The surroundings

Hristovski Waterfall

The Waterfall at village Hristovci is located on river Miykovska, at about 400m altitude and was declared a protected natural site in 1974. You can easily reach it from Kandaferi guest houses by taking the road through Lazartsi and Ilakov Rat which is no longer than 9km. A 10 minute hike from Ilakov Rat and you arrive to a majestic view – the water running over a 9 metre cliff and forming sparkling fireworks of tiny water drops. During the summer, the water level goes down but is still great for a swim. There are vast fields surrounding the waterfall and you can easily camp on them, have a picnic or just relax under the sun.

The Waterfall is at the top of the list of sights to see in the area.

Chumerna peak

The remarkable mount Chumerna is located in the Balkan between Elena and Tvarditsa. It’s altitude is 1536m. The Southern slopes are steep, long, cut through by river beds, and the Northern slopes – short, covered in beech trees.

There is a fully operating ski track beneath the peak and it offers perfect conditions for skiing, sowboarding and sleighing. Nearby is the cozy Chumerna hut.

You can easily reach Chumerna from Miykovtsi by car. The road goes through the Tvardica passing, to the ridge of the mountain and then via a right turn-off – to Chumerna hut. If you are in favor of the hikes, there is also a marked trail from Miykovtsi through the hut and to the top of the peak. The hike will take you about 4 hours.

Monastery of Maryan

The monastery “Transfiguration of Christ” is located in the village of Maryan, which is 8 km east from Elena on the road to Sliven.

It was found in 8-9 century which is confirmed by the archaeological findings – 6 heads of Teodosius columns, 4 of which are now in the National History Museum and 2 in the monastery. The current look of the monastery was built in 1835.

During the excavations, the foundations of an old Christian church were found. In it’s altar there was a marble sarcofagus. Legend says that in it there was a skeleton with a Gospel book in hand and a crown on the head – the symbols of the spiritual and temporal power. Based on stories, legends and transcripts, the locals are convinced that the sarcophagus was of czar Boris I The Baptist.

In the monastery you can find icons, painted by the masters of the Tryavna school. The patron saint’s day is on August 6th.