храм Свети Никола, гр. Елена

Town of Elena

If you would like to diversify your stay with us, you can visit Elena, a town situated just 10 km from Kandaferi guest houses. You will be mesmerized by the spirit of the city which reminds of the national revival of Bulgaria. We strongly reccommend the following historical sites:

  • Architectural complex “Daskalolivnitsa”, which includes 3 museums open for visitors – “Kamburov han”, “St Nicola” church which is built underground and the first school – “Daskalolivnica”;
  • Museum house of Ilarion Makariopolski;
  • Paleontology museum – Pop Nicola’s house;
  • The Clocktower;
  • The five “Razsukanovi” houses;
  • House of Jordan Hadzhipetkov.