река Борущица

Miykovtsi village

Summer Barbecues nearby Miykovtsi

Just before you enter the village, down the picturesque river Borushtica, stone barbecues with benches and tables are welcoming you to stop by and enjoy some peace and quiet which is interrupted only by the singing of the birds and the sound of the river. The fresh, cool air of the mountain and the secluded pools down the river, where you can swim and chill, are making those places an attractive destination for picnic especially during the hot summer months.

Cycling track around Miykovtsi

Starting from Kandaferi guest houses, this road will take you through a picturesque route which goes in the forest, crossed by many clean, mountain streams. Cycling down this track you will enjoy the amazing nature of the Balkan, the fresh air and scent of the woods, the sound of the river and the song of the birds. The path has been marked and is suitable both for a cycle and for a hike.


Here are some of the trails for enthusiasts which you can embark on while visitting Kandaferi guest houses.

8 Century Beech tree – protected species

In the area of Miikovtsi village is the oldest beech tree in Bulgaria. It is a protected species, its age is about 800 years, the circumference of the trunk is 5 m and 50 cm, the diameter is 1.80 m and the height is 32 m. It is located before Topuzi village and you can reach it by car, as well as on foot


During your stay in Kandaferi guest houses you can enjoy full relaxation in the hands of a qualified masseur. You have the options of classic massage, aromatherapy, massage with chocolate, massage with honey, anti-cellulite massage, cosmetic facial massage, facial therapy with Bulgarian yogurt.